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MicroLoan Foundation Loan Officer Induction Training Manual 2019

Training manual developed and used by MicroLoan Foundation to on-board and training new loan officers. Includes training on values and mission of the organization as well as the functions of the loan officer job.

Case studies & Field examples

Fonkoze Defines Target Clients

Case briefly describes Fonkoze's Staircase Out of Poverty approach and how it allows them to target and match client segments to the right products and services.

Case studies & Field examples

Defining Social Goals : Guidance and an Example from Komida

This brief case provides an example of Komida's (Indonesia) social goals showing how outputs relate to desired outcomes.

Case studies & Field examples

Example of a Theory of Change: Credit & Questions Linked to Client Bussines Outcomes

A brief example of a theory of change connecting implementation strategy with client business growth outcomes and eventually poverty and vulnerability reduction.

Case studies & Field examples

How Products and Services Serve the Provider's Social Goals

Examples of how particular products and services are related to and contribute to a provider's social goals.


The ‘Funnel of Attrition’ and the ‘Attrition’ Factor

The ‘Funnel of Attrition’ represents the reality that not all clients use a service as intended, or continue to use a service.


Criteria for Outcomes Indicators

Recommendations on the qualities and characteristics that good outcomes indicators should have.

Case studies & Field examples

ASKI Selects Social Indicators for its Social Dashboard

Explains the process ASKI used to select indicators for its social dashboard.

Case studies & Field examples

KASHF Foundation Selects Social Indicators for Its Social Dashbord

Explains the process KASHF Foundation used to select indicators for its social dashboard.

Case studies & Field examples

Komida Sets Social Targets

Describes the process Komida in Indonesia used to set social goals and targets.