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Case studies & Field examples

FINCA Peru Grievance Mechanism

Example of how FINCA Peru handles employee grievances.


Guidance for Grievance Mechanisms

Provides some key characteristics of USSEPM-aligned grievance mechanisms.

Case studies & Field examples

NRSP in Pakistan Responds to Employee Grievances

NRSP's grievance mechanism employs several good practices to  address employee concerns quickly and enhance employee satisfaction overall.

Case studies & Field examples

VisionFund and ESAF Monitor Employee Satisfaction and Understand Reasons for Staff Exit

ESAF and VisionFund Cambodia employ employee satisfaction and employee exit surveys to understand employee experience and improve retention and performance.


Guidance for Disaggregated Employee Satisfaction Survey and Result-Sharing

Criteria for aligning employee satisfaction and exit survey processes and practices with the USSEPM.

Case studies & Field examples

VisionFund International Recruits Local Loan Officers Using Outreach Events

Description of VisionFund International's loan officer recruitment process using outreach events to attract and selection value-aligned loan officers.

Case studies & Field examples

Al Majmoua Trains Employees on SPM Topics

Al Majmoua mixes classroom based training with field-based training to achieve greater consistency in quality of service and application of policies.

Case studies & Field examples

Finca Microfinance Bank LTD. (Pakistan) Evaluates Employees on Customer Care

Description of Finca Microfinance Bank Ltd of Pakistan's Customer Care Program and it's use of their Service Quality Assessment Tool to evaluate employees

Case studies & Field examples

Sample Loan Officer SPM Evaluation Criteria Table

Examples of typical social performance management-related responsibilities and sample criteria that can be used to evaluate performance.


Guidance for Adequate Training of Employees on Code of Conduct and Client Protection

Discusses key elements of code of conduct and client protection that should be emphasized during loan officer training.