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Imp-Act/MicroSave Strategic Planning Guidance Note

This briefing offers guidance on how to ensure that social performance is included in strategic planning processes, as well as how to address three key challenges: clarifying long-term social goals, specifying short-term social objectives, and underpinning its social intentions with appropriate measurement systems.

Case studies & Field examples

Opportunity Bank Uganda's Social Goals, Strategic Activities and Indicators

This table provides an example of how Opportunity Bank in Uganda translates social goals into strategic objectives, activities and indicators.


Guidelines on Outcomes Management for Financial Service Providers

Following on from the brief Making the Case for Outcomes Management to Financial Service Providers, which presented the "why" and the "what for" of outcomes management, these guidelines set out the "how": how to do outcomes management in a practical, credible, "reasonable cost" way. The guidance is founded on lessons learned from a number of financial service providers (FSPs) and other stakeholders who have experience with outcomes data collection, analysis, and reporting. The information presented here draws on best practice so far, with a focus on identifying what is necessary and useful, as well as the pitfalls to avoid.

Making the Case for Outcomes Management to Financial Service Providers

This brief demonstrates the why and what for of outcomes management by financial service providers (FSPs). Why is outcomes management essential for any FSP with a social mission? Specifically, how can an FSP use client outcomes data to make decisions that strengthen the FSP’s performance, both financially and socially? Understanding this will help an FSP to achieve buy-in within the organisation and encourage the board and senior management to take action.

Case studies & Field examples

Case study of KOMIDA: A Journey to Implement the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management

This case study describes Koperasi Mitra Dhuafa’s (KOMIDA) journey to improve its implementation of the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management (“Universal Standards”).

Case studies & Field examples

Ujjivan Educates Clients on the Dangers of Over-Indebtedness

Ujjivan developed a video with vignettes of 2 ficitious borrowers who become overindebted. They use this video to open discussion with clients about the risks of overindebtedness.

Case studies & Field examples

Case Study - Fondo Esperanza: Using Outcomes Data to Drive Performance

Describes Fondo Esperanza's comprehensive outcomes management system that emphasizes the collection of accurate, relevant data that are reported widely to both internal and external stakeholders.

Case studies & Field examples

Building the System for Outcomes Management--Case Study from Komida as presented to Outcomes Working Group

Details Komida's process for choosing outcomes indicators to manage, deciding how to collect the data and how to manage the data. Presented to the Outcomes Working Group in 2016.

Case studies & Field examples

Génesis Empresarial Implements Outcomes Management by Client Segment

This brief summarizes Fundación Génesis Empresarial's experience developing a client outcomes management system by client segment as presented during the SPTF Outcomes Working Group meeting 17 Jan 2018.


Benefits Diagram or Theory of Change Example for Credit and Savings Groups

Shares an example of a theory of change or benefits diagram based on the evidence of impact for credit and savings groups.