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Case studies & Field examples

ESAF Rewards Staff for Achieving SPM Targets

ESAF built a branch-level incentive system that incorporates social targets, SPM audit and client satisfaction metrics among other elements.


Essential Questions to Answer When Reviewing Your Staff Incentive System

Set of recommended questions and data sources and indicators to use to review your incentive system's alignment with social goals and USSEPM.

Case studies & Field examples

Examples of Social Variables for Incentivizing Employees

Examples of different types of indicators and criteria that can be incorporated in loan officer evaluations to integrate a social performance lens into the evaluation.


Social Performance Factors to Examine During Internal Audit

Examples of key areas to assess in internal audits to monitor social performance.

Case studies & Field examples

Ujjivan Incentivizes Customer Service

Description of how Ujjivan incorporates social metrics and customer care into its staff incentive system.

Case studies & Field examples

Example Incentive Structure That Balances Portfolio Growth, Size and Quality

Provides a short example of how a mid-sized provider in Peru structured their incentives to balance growth, size and quality.

Case studies & Field examples

SKS and Equitas Protect Client Data

Briefly describes SKS and Equitas' policies and protocols for handling and protecting client data.


Guidelines for Case Load Limits

Provides guidance on setting appropriate case load limits for group and individual loans.


Grameen Foundation’s Recruitment and Selection Toolkit

Grameen Foundation’s Recruitment and Selection Toolkit

Tools & Templates

MicroLoan Foundation Gender-Disaggregated Report on Employees by Position

An example of an HR reporting showing the gender breakdown employees in different positions.