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Case studies & Field examples

Khushhali Bank Microfinance LTD (Pakistan) Provides Board with SPM Orientation and TOR

Very brief explanation of Khushhali Bank's approach to orienting its board to its SPM responsibilities through a TOR.

Case studies & Field examples

NWTF Orients the Board on SPM

Description of how NWTF orients its board to its SPM responsibilities and social performance targets.

Case studies & Field examples

Fundacion Génesis Empresarial Reports to Board on SPM Progress

Describes Fundación Génesis Empresarial's system for reporting to its board on social performance.

Case studies & Field examples

IDEPRO (Bolivia) Takes Corrective Action and Launches PRO-CADENAS

Describes a case in which IDEPRO used social performance data to identify unmet needs and build and monitor a new program to respond to those needs.

Case studies & Field examples

Khushhali Bank Reports Using a Social Dashboard

Example of a social performance dashboard from Khushhali Bank.

Case studies & Field examples

KASHF Foundation Sets Social Performance Indicators as KPIs for Its Chief Operating Officer

Description of the social performance KPIs that KASHF Foundation set for its COO and how they did it.

Case studies & Field examples

Examples of Social Targets for Senior Managers

Sample social targets that providers might set for their senior managers.

Case studies & Field examples

CASHPOR Identifies a Social and Financial Risk

Description of how CASHPOR used negative social outcomes data to shape a reponse to reduce risk and increase impact.

Case studies & Field examples

CRECER (Bolivia) Addresses Quality in Response to Lack of Impact

Describes how CRECER took a negative client outcome finding and responded by increasing quality.

Case studies & Field examples

KASHF Foundation Monitors Risk Using Client Interviews

KASHF Foundation interivews a sample of clients to help monitor risks.


Social Performance Risks to Monitor

Examples of common social performance-related risks and how to monitor them.

Case studies & Field examples

FUNDESER strenghtens HR policies

Example illustrating how FUNDESER uses HR policies to highlight and prioritize staff-client relationships and staff well-being and development.


FINCA protects with HR policies

Examples from FINCA Peru's HR policies that show how staff rights and wellbeing are incorporated in policy.


Paying a Living Wage

Definition and explanation of a living wage.

Case studies & Field examples

Example Health and Safety Risks & Training Topics

Examples of health and safety risks that employees in office and field positions face and potential training topics to help mitigate them.


Health and Safety Guidance for 5.A.3.3.1 and 5.A.3.3.2

Guidance on the types of safety equipment and processes that should be in place to satisfy 5.A.3.3.1 and 5.A.3.3.2.


Guidance for USSEPM-ALIGNED HR Policies

Provides more detailed guidance on how policies should be structured to meet the USSEPM.


Guidance on Protection of Vulnerable Groups

Detailed guidance on protecting vulnerable groups such as children, migrants, etc.


Guidelines for USSEPM-ALIGNED Compensation and Benefits Policies

Provides more detailed guidance on acceptable compensation and benefits policies and practices.

Case studies & Field examples

Elements of a Job Description

Explanation and definitions of the key components of a complete job description.