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The Drivers for Better Outcomes: How Social and Environmental Performance Management practices can be most closely linked to better customer outcomes.

Powerpoint presentation at the 2022 European Microfinance Week featuring insights from Cerise, 60 Decibels and Oikocredit regarding aligning outcomes indicators with practices and the SDGs.

Case studies & Field examples

Outcomes Data Collection: The experience of Cashpor Micro Credit India

CASHPOR MicroCredit India shares its experience with collecting and analyzing outcomes data during a Nov 2015 Outcomes Working Group session.


Outcomes Plenary Session Notes: Exploring the connection between SEPM and client outcomes

Session notes from the 2022 Cerise+SPTF annual meeting featuring speakers from BBVA Microfinance Foundation, Cerise, 60 Decibels and Microfinanzas Rating discussing key outcomes debate questions based on evidence from the industry.


MFR Impact Assessment Methodology

Details the MFR impact assessment methodology which aligns with the universal outcomes indicators and SDGs as developed by the SPTF.


Summary of Outcomes Working Group Session on Theory of Change

Summarizes presentations and discussion from the Oct 2014 outcomes working group session discussing theory of change. Shares thinking about a what a theory of change is, how it can be used, a typical theory of change for microfinance.


Indicators of Financial Stress, Including Over-indebtedness

This document provides a summary of the February 2017 Outcomes Working Group meeting in which Grameen Foundation, Friendship Bridge and other share their experience identifying indicators of financial stress and over-indebtedness.


Selection of Outcomes Indicators

Brief from the Outcomes Working Group in which Freedom from Hunger presents its work on developing a menu of outcomes indicators based on key themes from theories of change for financial service providers. It also shares a preliminary list of indicators development by the MCWG.

Tools & Templates

Suggested talking points on the benefits of SPM

Learn how to speak about the benefits of Social Performance Management

Case studies & Field examples

Sèvis Finansye Fonkoze SPM Commitee Charter

Example of an SPM Committee Charter with roles and responsibilities from Fonkoze in Haiti.

Case studies & Field examples

Khushhali Bank Microfinance LTD (Pakistan) Provides Board with SPM Orientation and TOR

Very brief explanation of Khushhali Bank's approach to orienting its board to its SPM responsibilities through a TOR.