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Tools & Templates

Key Facts Document Worksheet and Example

Provides a template for a good Key Facts Document as well as an example of a bad document.

Tools & Templates

Key Facts Documents for Loan Clients

Example of a key facts document to accompany the full loan documents.

Case studies & Field examples

Friendship Bridge Manages Foreign Exchange Risk

This example explains how Friendship Bridge manages its foreign exchange risk without transfering this risk to their clients.


Insurance Data to Asses Product Value

Table explain key ratios to measure and monitor with insurance products and explains how to interpret it.

Case studies & Field examples

Insurance Product Based on Clients Needs

Table sharing examples of different types of insurance products, the client data to be collected to design them, and features that respond to client needs.

Case studies & Field examples

Microfund for Women (Jordan) Insurance Products

Provides examples of two types of insurance--credit life and hospitalization--that MicroFund for Women in Jordan designed and offers to its clients.

Case studies & Field examples

MUSOMA Uses Savings to Help Clients Reduce Risk and Manage Anticipated Needs

A brief example of how MUSOMA in Tanzania adapted its savings product to meet client needs and promoted voluntary savings.

Case studies & Field examples

Voluntary Savings Product Design on Clients Needs

Example of the research and analysis that should be done to design a voluntary savings product that responds to client needs.


Les outils de SPI Online

Un aperçu général des 7 nouveaux outils d'évaluation et leur fiches produits.


Avoidance of Over-indebtedness: Guidelines for Financial and Non-financial Evaluation

A tool for financial service providers that want to incorporate good client protection practices into their evaluation processes for individual loan clients. Specifically, the tool provides guidelines for determining a loan applicant’s capacity and willingness to repay a loan. A careful evaluation process is critical to avoiding client overindebtedness, the situation in which a client cannot repay a loan without sacrificing his or her quality of life.