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Ressources pour évaluer les indicateurs de Tarification Responsable

La Dimension 6 des Normes Universelles pour une Croissance et des Rendements Responsables évalue la tarification responsable à l'aide d'une combinaison d'indicateurs quantitatifs. Ces indicateurs permettent de déterminer si une institution financière se situe dans la fourchette de performance acceptée pour le taux d'intérêt effectif, le ratio des charges d'exploitation, le ratio des charges pour pertes sur prêts et le rendement des actifs. Les ressources qui suivent vous aideront à effectuer un calcul approfondi et harmonisé de ces ratios.

Case studies & Field examples

Example Staff Responsibilities for Complaints Resolution

Example of how responsibilities for complaints resolution can be delegated to staff.


Research Indicates that Clients Are Note Informed on Complaints Mechanisms

Brief on results of a SMART Campaign study showing most clients are not aware of complaints mechanisms.

Case studies & Field examples

Yehu Microfinance Surveys Clients on Which Mecanisms to Create

Description of Yehu Microfinance's approach to designing its complaints mechanism with input from clients.

Case studies & Field examples

Example Complaint Trends and Operational or Product Improvements to Adress Complaints

Provides examples of common complaints and possible product or service improvements to address them.

Case studies & Field examples

Example Complaints Analysis Report

Provides an example of a complaint report that details not only the complaints but the channels used by clients to complain.

Case studies & Field examples

Using Client Feedback to Improve Communication

Provides 2 examples from Delta Bank Panama and Contactar Colombia for how providers have used client feedback to improve communication.


COVID-19 Client Interview Tool Data Insights and Recommendations for Funders, FSPs, and Regulators

Summarizes the findings of the surveys conducted with SPTF's COVID-19 interview tool along with the recommendations that came out of the roundtable discussion.


Outcomes Management for FSPs_ A proposed standard framework aligned with the SDGs

This report aims to contribute to building a framework of actionable indicators based on the SDG targets that can answer the need for a simple, credible methodology to monitor outcomes.


Outcomes Plenary Presentation: Exploring the connection between SEPM and client outcomes

Presentation from the 2022 Cerise+SPTF annual meeting featuring speakers from BBVA Microfinance Foundation, Cerise, 60 Decibels and Microfinanzas Rating discussing key outcomes debate questions based on evidence from the industry.