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SPI Online Video Tutorials

Get familiar with SPI Online by watching our video tutorials!

Quick live demos provide quick help at every step on SPI Online.

Training tutorials (long videos) guive you a more in-depth tour of the SPI Online platform, assessment tools, and resources.

Quick Demos

Very short live demos to help you get started with SPI Online.

Quick Demo 1: Choose the right type of user profile

When you create your account on SPI Online, as a user, you can choose the most appropriate profile according to your needs.

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Quick Demo 2: Create your organization if it doesn't exist on SPI Online

We guide you to associate your new account with an organization that already exists on SPI Online. If your organization is not yet on SPI Online, we explain how to create the organization.

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Quick Demo 3: Join your organization on SPI Online

We guide you to help link your account with your organization. When you create your organization, you become its administrator.

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Quick Demo 4: How to test SPI Online audit tools

Learn how to create a mock audit by choosing the right settings to be able to test the assessment tools on SPI Online.

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Stay tuned! More videos to come about audit creation... (Demos 5, 6 and 7)

Quick Demo 8: How to read the progression of your audit

This demo explains how to fill in your audit and how you can see the progress of your audit online.

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Training Tutorials

A long-form video series to get you familiar with the SPI Online platform, assessment tools, and resources.

How to use SPI Online assessment tools? (20 min)

This 20-minute tutorial will show you how to access SPI Online assessment tools, manage your account, create audits, and fill in and share your audits. We will give you a tour of the SPI5 Full tool and the powerful features you can use to get the most out of your audits.

How to fill in Org Info on SPI Online? (28 min)

The Organization Information ("Org Info") part of the questionnaire in SPI Online assessment tools contains the financial data and demographic details of the audited financial service provider. This 28-minute tutorial will show you how to fill in these important indicators, to be able to generate a social dashboard that contains a robust summary of the primary social and financial information about the FSP in one succinct report.

How to access and read the results of my audit on SPI Online? (12 min)

The SPI Online assessment tools are comprehensive tools, and once you completed them, they can give you some very useful result graphs that give an overview of the provider’s social and environmental performance. In this 12-minute tutorial, we will show you how to access the various result dashboards available on SPI Online, and how to read those results.

How to find resources on SPI Online Resource Center? (7 min)

The Resource Center on SPI Online gathers a lot of key resources that aim at helping you better understand the Universal Standards, conduct quality audits, and improve social and environmental practices. In this 7-minute video, you will learn how to navigate the Resource Center to find the information you need.