Etat des Pratiques de Gestion de la Performance Sociale et Environnementale et Protection des Clients

Analyse de la base de données SPI en décembre 2022.

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SPI Online audit tools set a framework of standard metrics by Cerise+SPTF to assess social and environmental performance management and client protection.

We've been analyzing the SPI database as of December 2022, with more than 1,500 audits worldwide, to understand the state of practice.

Download the final reports and take a look at the main insights in the 8-issue series below!




Issue 1

Social Performance Indicators: A Reference Framework for Responsible Inclusive Finance.

Since 2001, SPI has been helping responsible financial service providers achieve their social strategy.

Click on the image below to discover key figures!

Issue 2

The Drivers of Social and Environmental Performance Management

Click on the image below to learn about the role of impact investors and the power of worldwide benchmarks and data quality.

Issue 3

Who Uses SPI Audit Tools?

Most of the audits are conducted by mature, medium-sized, non-bank financial institutions, based in Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia.

Learn more about SPI users in our third issue below!

Issue 4

How are Financial Service Providers performing on Social and Environmental Performance Management?

The Universal Standards as a road map for stronger social and environmental results over time!

Learn more about audits scores in our fourth issue below!

Issue 5

A Deep Dive into SPI Dimensions

Have a look at the strongest dimensions around responsible practices, and see how client-centered product design is a quick win!

Issue 6

Client Protection Indicators

Client protection is about ensuring a fair exchange between providers and consumers. In this report, findings are structured around the 8 Client Protection Standards curated by Cerise+SPTF.

Take a look at this issue to learn about strengths and areas of improvement in matters of client protection. And stay tuned for the upcoming, comprehensive report on the Client Protection State of Practice!

Issue 7

Responsible Pricing Indicators

While Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the most adequate and standardized way of calculating and disclosing the true price that a borrower will pay, it isn’t the only component to determine whether an FSP has responsible pricing practices.

In this issue, we discover how the industry is moving towards more transparent pricing disclosure mechanisms, through a declining balance methodology, and how the various components of pricing influence the final price a borrower will pay. Learn more below!

Issue 8

SPI and Women’s Financial Inclusion

The SPI database tells us that providers prioritize women & rural beneficiaries. As a good example, in Southeast Asia, the average loan portfolio share dedicated to women stands at 70%!

Learn more in our last issue below!

This issue is connected with the blog article prepared by Greta Bull, Director of Women's Economic Empowerment at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Women and Finance: Enabling Women’s Economic Empowerment, published as part of the CGAP Leadership Essay Series. Read the article

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